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May 7th, 2020

Vegeta in the rear view; it’s your time to shine @JimBTC

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@k00bideh When new absurd predictions / posts come out I often create a far-future calendar reminder. Other stuff…36

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In 2014 an anonymous whale put up a 30,000 BTC ($9M) sell wall that kept the bitcoin price under $300. 4 years…11

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CasaHODL The best time to strengthen your bitcoin security was yesterday.
The second best time is today, before an attack or disaster happens.

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@acityinohio I thought you can’t do that ‘cuz it’s on the blockchain 😇

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“Why Bitcoin Will Fail” - published 9 years ago. Any day now!…

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@ssaurel Can’t believe I forgot that one, I’m taking a mulligan.

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Stack your own sats.
Hold your own keys.
Run your own node.
Be your own bank.…

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@FreedomIsBTC @oscommerce_mods Yes, I’ve read their documentation, thus my tweet. There are no deposits or…Ix

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@jer979 Sure, but I’m seeking a scalable solution to informing folks about fundamentals.

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