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May 24th, 2020

“Debt is money we owe to ourselves.”

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@nvk Thanks for the update; I don’t even bother checking the exchange rate any more.

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If you already own bitcoin, you’re an early adopter. There are still many risks and rough edges for hodlers. By…dl

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@StevenDickens3 Absolutely, in the long term. But you don’t build for laggards when you’re still seeking early adopters.

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@Talthegood Your perspective sounds pretty skewed - I don’t think you have a great grasp of technology adoption…r5

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People switching from credit cards to Lightning Network is a laggard tech adoption use case that I could not care…x1

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“If my grandmother can’t use _____ then it’s useless!” proclaimed every technology skeptic, ever.

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Broke: Bitcoin transaction fees are too high!

Woke: Your time preference is too high.

Bespoke: Open lightning…dY

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