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June 3rd, 2020

@murchandamus Unrelated question: how good do you look in heels and a dress?

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@KatieAnanina There’s only one way to find out if that thing’s loaded. Remember to practice safe docking and always use a USB condom.

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RT @murchandamus: I wrote this blog post on Dec 11, 2017, explaining why we we are seeing confusing fee rates on various block explorers. I…

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@Bitcoin_Canuck @Metusalache Sperm are alive, therefore by your logic every time you masturbate you’re committing mass murder.

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RT @cognition_x: Excited to bring you @mhluongo and Jameson Lopp at CogX on the Web 3.0 and Decentralisation Stage. Get your complimentary…

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RT @josephfcox: New: for the past several days we’ve been monitoring flight data. We’ve found military surveillance aircraft previously dep…

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RT @jimearl666: 54% of Los Angeles’ budget goes to the police. Barack Obama sent three quarters of a billion dollars in battlefield weapons…

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@SamFeds Yeah I was invited; I’ve held GBTC for a while.

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@bradmillscan I’m somewhat sure that no one has every made this mashup of statements before :-P

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@ChangeNOW_io Yes, though there are plenty of people who seem to consent to paying taxes.

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@Metusalache It’s not self-evident at what point a fetus becomes a person and is thus capable of being murdered.

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@CWhiz7 A true statement, but my words were carefully chosen as a juxtaposition against the racism of the people who wrote the opening line.

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We hold these truths to be self-evident:

Black lives matter.
My body, my choice.
No victim? No crime.
Sex without…

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@J0nsan_ Check the “Node Statistics” section of

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@Crypt0H0lic No way, @DanDarkPill has a sense of humor.

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@jonf3n You clearly don’t understand how easy it is to conceal a deadly weapon.

If someone doesn’t value my right…

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Guess who’s back?
Back again?
Dark Pill’s back!
Tell a friend!

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@prestonjbyrne It seems unwise to play games where the rules are written by your opponent.

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@jackeveritt @jonf3n Indeed, anyone who intends to defend themselves with deadly force should have an experienced s…

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@nic__carter I was able to migrate all my medium articles to a self hosted Ghost instance in a matter of hours.

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@jerome__powell Check out the “Contributing” section of

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@jonf3n That’s not how it works because it’s impossible to read someone else’s mind and know their intent.

I’ll ki…

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@the_coinmaster Click on the link for the release notes.

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@cloverme_ The software implementation now known as Bitcoin Core is intentionally called Bitcoin Core in order to d…

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The Bitcoin Core Config generator is now updated to be compatible with the 0.20.0 release.

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Bitcoin Core 0.20 is now available!
117 people contributed to this release.

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