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June 16th, 2020

RussellOkung Many work harder and harder each day to pay bills and taxes. And just when they are finally getting a little ahead,…KX

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@SCBuergel @Au_OG_ @CasaHODL No, it’s certainly not that simple. RPC doesn’t scale, nor is it safe to use over…ng

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@nic__carter ZeroHedge is far right? I had them pegged as “far out there.”

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As more time passes I more strongly believe that one’s government identity is hazardous material that should be…4u

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Your customer is always right.
Not everyone should be your customer.

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@pierre_rochard Nonrelational databases are far superior for lookups of hashed data amirite

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What’s your greatest bitcoin regret?…

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If the @federalreserve is diversifying its portfolio then it should buy bitcoin.

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What do you get when a market maker has the ability to print their own money? That’s not a market any more, it’s…hT

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stephanlivera SLP182 @Nneuman & @lopp of @CasaHODL

We chat:
- Casa Wallet
- Seedless
- UX & the next 100 million…1b

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Remember the BitClub ponzi scheme? Looks like the “CEO” will finally be brought to justice.…

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Pour one out for all the poor sods whose dick pics just got leaked from Herpes Dating.…

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