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June 24th, 2020

@SomsenRuben Erik’s contributions tend to be from libertarian or economic perspectives.

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Put your botnet’s command & control infrastructure on a censorship resistant distributed database? That’s what I ca…

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@panicfomo This will be an ongoing maintenance requirement; it’s been tougher for me to decide lately who comes and…

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@SomsenRuben Radioactive Bitcoin Supremacists gonna get triggered!

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@panicfomo Because I’m not applying a purity test for people on this list.

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Q: How can I easily find the best Bitcoin content on Twitter?
A: Follow

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@albertgozzi Interesting, I don’t have an NYT subscription. My failure rate with Privacy cards has been very low an…

via Twitter for Android fixes this. Fun fact: my credit line has started shrinking because I stopped using my credi…

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@d1m9enG Who decides which is which? Best option IMO is to protect yourself via filters / reputation.

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Only fools try to ban information in the Information Age.

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