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June 14th, 2020

@SirThomas11_11 @ellipalwallet Haven’t had a chance to evaluate it, I’ll have to put it on my to-do list

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@nagihatoum Physical theft, natural disaster, bitrot… anything that can be stored can be lost.

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@dreamingOfNull That only provides assurance that your funds haven’t been stolen, not that you can spend the funds.

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Schrödinger’s bitcoin: as long as you don’t try to spend your bitcoin, you might still have the private keys. The…

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“Just use an airgapped computer” violates a cardinal rule: “complexity is the enemy of security.” Why?
* Hardware+s…

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“Hardware wallets are dumb, it’s safer to use an airgapped computer.”

Hardware wallets ARE (attack surface minimiz…

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@orthokunst @CasaHODL I’m sure everyone is asleep. We’ll get back to you if you left a message, otherwise I’d try in a few hours.

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@HjelleNick Obviously the logical response would be to hit the cops where it hurts by burning down the doughnut shops.

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@Crittah3 Building looks pretty rekt already at that point…

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Wendy’s was just an innocent bystander, folks! You’re burning the wrong building…

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