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June 9th, 2020

@_dsam3 I have no idea who he is, though I find his twitter engagement to be fascinatingly low for someone with 4 million followers.

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Show us on the doll where the anonymous troll touched your feels.…

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A cop’s well-reasoned response to the “defund the police” movement: “don’t overburden the police.” Calls for…uM

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‘Member when academics claimed to have solved Bitcoin’s transaction throughput limitations and all you had to do…UH

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@theinstagibbs Rocketry. And not those dinky little models.

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@gh0st_meat Anthony Brennan III wasn’t a cop, he’s a salesman. But the point is not that he deserves protection,…VM

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40% of PAX transfers are directly related to a known ponzi scheme. 😬 H/T @coinmetrics…

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