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June 13th, 2020

@stbabo_ @CasaHODL You can recover your funds using our Sovereign Recovery guide that uses open source software and…

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@PeterMcCormack Rumor has it that, one time in 1997, Craig Wright told the truth.

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@San_person @ericsavics1 @Trezor It depends on the model. Model One requires typing your (randomized) seed phrase i…

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@orthokunst @CasaHODL Absolutely, we have clients all over the world.

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@K911K @CasaHODL We have plenty of users who are anon; mixing unfortunately doesn’t jive with our security model gi…

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@GarrySorro @CasaHODL We offer a variety of contact methods, though in general I find that the best comms for discu…

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@Shea332 @stacyherbert @CasaHODL We don’t discriminate! All geographic locations are welcome.

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We designed @CasaHODL to offer easy robust self custody for normal humans. Bitcoin users should not live in fear th…

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Cognitive dissonance at its finest. BRB, calling 911 to report the IRS.

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This moron can’t even spell CTO correctly. Probably not a good idea to “invest” your money with him!

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Developer: “I’m going to build software that solves a problem and improves lives!”
Adversarial user:

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