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July 9th, 2021

Ggool is an honest to god shitcoin!…

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CasaHODL ⚠️ Onramp x Casa Twitter Spaces event happening now!

Join us here 👇…

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If you wouldn’t carry $______ worth of cash around in your wallet, you shouldn’t carry that amount of bitcoin around on a single device.

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@CryptoCobain oh shit forgot to switch to my anon account

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@CryptoCobain How about a darknet market that eliminates postal system risk via use of a tor-like network of drones for dead drops.

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@missaghi Depends upon the features of the given crypto network. This is possible on Bitcoin via RBF, though not…iY

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Massive noob mistake - a man in Malta handed his phone with crypto wallet open to another fellow instead of…bE

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@pilky05 There is nothing in my report that requires trust. The fact that some criminals use drugs to intoxicate…Y0

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Cue the Hater News commenters claiming I made this story up for marketing purposes 😒
The Bitcoin security space…Ja

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@Jaco_van_Wyk @MonadicHodl I’m not highly familiar with the operational details of CK Bunker but my understanding…Co

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@MonadicHodl Theoretically possible but not practical for multiple reasons.

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Decoy / duress wallets aren’t going to help you if you’ve been drugged into compliance.

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