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July 19th, 2021

Had to send a bunch of wires today.

The bank kept asking me why.

Apparently “because I want to” isn’t a sufficient reason.

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Builders can stay engaged with writing code longer than traders can remain entertained by drawing shapes on price charts.

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Retweet if you managed to make it through your entire life without needing life insurance.…

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BitcoinCorePRs This week’s PR Review Club is on #22383: “Prefer to use txindex if available for GetTransaction”, authored by…FN

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Seeking out liquidity flows to facilitate routing on the Lightning Network feels like fishing. You can look for…wK

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@unruhschuh Yes, most payments are. Though from my own experience trying to rebalance large channels, I get tons…TT

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@Hoodl57918837 If you only want the channel for sending/receiving your own payments, sure. If you’re trying to be…08

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@kozuchowski_m It’s very spiky, anywhere from 0 to 20.

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@kozuchowski_m Tor, though this may be detrimental to being a routing node.

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If your goal of running a lightning node is to route plenty of payments, stick to creating channels > 10M sats.…T5

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