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July 20th, 2021

@SkiingBlock Coercion is immoral regardless of who is being victimized.

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Reported for inciting theft and threats of violence.…

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The first time you think you’re witnessing Bitcoin’s death is the hardest.…

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BitcoinerJobs For all the Content Marketers, @CasaHODL needs you! 👋

They’re looking for expertise in writing about bitcoin and…Ks

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@cryptocornfeld Carrier pigeons could work well for a regional @OPENDIME-based Bitcoin sneakernet.

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@nvk NPC 67447419 reporting for duty!

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Stablecoins are the very definition of unsound money.

And yet they still offer an order of magnitude improvement over wire transfers.

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If you’re programmatically encrypting data to N GPG pubkeys and any 1 of N keys expires… you’re gonna have a bad time.

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Looks like @nntaleb has taken 16,000 Ls. Still a mere fraction of the cyber hornet swarm.…

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20 years ago it cost tens of millions of dollars for a ticket to space.

Today it’s less than a tenth of that.…4A

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Today is a good day to contribute to the demise of central banking by writing more code.

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@stbabo_ If you wipe and restore the trezor, you’re all set. The multisig wallet won’t know anything happened -…M8

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@stbabo_ If that trezor is one of the keys to the multisig then you’ll need to either import the seed phrase…M2

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