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July 27th, 2021

@lucash_dev Gravity wells, atmospheres, and magnetic fields are kind of important.

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@MFloresFive Seasteading is an interesting idea but I think there’s a high barrier to achieve the defensive capabilities required.

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The future is being built by software engineers

…and we don’t even have a license to code.

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Throughout history, those who yearn for freedom have attained it by staying out of reach of those who would…gG

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Wait ‘til @ewarren finds out how much of the internet’s infrastructure was built by “shadowy super coders.”

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Please point me to the code repositories for the Treasury and Federal Reserve, @ewarren

We’re writing new…TS

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When an organization is composed of voluntary members who can easily leave, authority must be bestowed from below…wB

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CasaHODL THREE huge updates for y’all today. That’s right. Count ‘em.

📈 Recurring Buys
💸 Refer-a-Friend
🚀 Limited-time…NS

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Hey @coinyeezy
It’s been a year
Casa’s still here
Next time you sneer
Know I don’t shed a tear
I set a reminder…JU

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Satoshi Roundtable VII concluded recently and I was reminded of Brian Armstrong’s writeup of SRT II. It’s…r5

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