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July 12th, 2021

I’ve learned to wait for Europe to go to sleep before posting libertarian memes.

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CoinDesk Is financial autonomy for everyone and are people ready to invest money and efforts to get it? Listen to @lopp…mk

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@StopAndDecrypt It was surprising; maybe the window of trailing data is simply too large? Not sure how aggressive the pruning is.

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Expect the occurrences of Bitcoin’s mempool completely emptying to decrease as more Lightning liquidity providers…Sm

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@Hackatoshi Fast sync is not full validation sync from genesis, though. “Fast sync downloads only the latest state,…ge

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@Hackatoshi Interestingly enough, I saw that table and it seems to be missed pruned archive sync. The only way I…sJ

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@LefterisJP @nethermindeth My 1 TB drive had 800GB available for node data. I ran it with ./Nevermind.Runner -c…F8

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Full validation (pruned) sync of Nethermind v1.10.74 node to ETH block 12,810,000 on my benchmark machine ran out…Dj

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“Freedom” is an anti-government slogan because government is anti-freedom.…

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