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May 2nd, 2022

@murchandamus IDK, Twitter doesn’t let me see your feed either. That would be a cool feature too, subscribing to other folks’ feeds.

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@JeremyRubin @aantonop He’s probably just busy. I propose you record a @WhatBitcoinDid episode with a thoroughly co…

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@Beautyon_ @nvk OK but she’s buying highly processed sugar so I guess that means she’s an untouchable…

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Twitter should add a FIGHT MODE tab.

This tab would show you a feed of folks who belong to a group whose ideology…

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Thinking of going full-time Bitcoin? Casa is hiring! As always, positions are 100% remote work.

* Senior iOS Engin…

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@La__Cuen Congratulations; having enemies is a sign of success! One should not quit simply because they’re ruffling…

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@CryptoWendyO Blockchains are the least performant databases ever invented. Any blockchain-based network that becom…

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@volatile_surf For many, freedom is worthless.
For others, it’s priceless.

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@MarkMulvey Everyone approaches it from their own unique perspective, which is why most people get it wrong the first few times.

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“There’s one thing I’m certain of: [Bitcoin] doesn’t generate anything” - Warren Buffett

Buffett only invests in “…

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Buffett and Munger will go to their graves without understanding Bitcoin because they don’t bother to attend the shareholder meetings.

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Perspective on influence / reach enabled by social media:

The median US Congress member has fewer than 40K Twitter…

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RT @provoost: If you enjoy the Bitcoin, Explained podcast, you may also like my book! Everything you always wanted to know about softfork a…

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