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May 5th, 2022

@ErikVoorhees Yep! And then best practices were formalized and adopted and we saw rates of loss drop. I wonder how long it will take…

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Reporter: “describe the process for changing Bitcoin”

Me: “crypto anarchy with a sprinkling of IETF”

Reporter: “d…

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@ColorCombos @adam3us @anguschampion @udiWertheimer Not really. Said “deal” has been under discussion for 2.5 years…

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@adam3us Sure, there should be a distinction between ultimatums and proposals. Are you suggesting that a speedy tri…

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@anguschampion @udiWertheimer @adam3us Arguably so. Each consensus change seems to go through a slightly different…

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@adam3us I seem to recall that consensus change proposals tend to have “deployment” specifications described.

“A p…

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DeFi is seeing hockey stick growth!

Funds stolen 2020: $516 million
Funds stolen 2021: $1.3 billion
Funds stolen 2022 YTD: $1.6 billion

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Hello block 735,000!

We are now halfway through Bitcoin’s 4th mining epoch and less than 2 years away from the ann…

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