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May 3rd, 2022

Reminder: you’re effectively blind and can perceive less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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@elonmusk How much money do I have to earn for Twitter in order to get ads turned off?

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Rear cover of this month’s @TIME magazine. This is what you’d get if Shark Tank sold a shitcoin.

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It’s very considerate of the Supreme Court to recognize that States should have the freedom to choose if women shou…

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@LarryRuane That’s not the issue - the issue is the defaults, and defaults are sticky.

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@FreedomIsntSafe If you let the government put a chip in your brain, sure.

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@satsie I woke up this morning and chose FIGHT MODE

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@luckyredfish That’s exactly what I’m suggesting 🙂

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Solving the abortion issue will require outside the box thinking. What if we could genetically modify humans so tha…

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The logical framework of property rights and the non-aggression principle breaks down when there is no consensus up…

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@dogeinsuit It’s a pretty logical framework.

A negative right forbids someone from committing an action that viola…

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The ethics of abortion is a super fun topic for libertarians to debate! It boils down to:

1. When you believe a fe…

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