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May 14th, 2022

@theschnaz For mobile key users, multiple “two man rules” in our development process that would require collusion a…

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When you mute / block someone there should be an optional memo field so that you can note why they lost your respec…

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@CamAdelipour You won’t find any such language in our terms of service because client funds can not be impacted by legal procedures.

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@MalwareTechBlog At least 0.1% of crypto projects fail the Howey Test :-)

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@MalwareTechBlog It’s easier to defend the claim that 90% of crypto projects are unregistered securities as opposed…

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RT @netrebelking: “Unless you’re holding the private key to your bitcoin, your money is up for grabs.”

My latest article at @CasaHODL expl…

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The yields for staking Tron’s USDD are as high as 40% - double the yield offered by Terra’s Anchor

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Yield farming explained in 30 seconds:

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@LefterisJP Oh don’t worry there’s a full explanation on the web site!

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Apparently Madonna teamed up with Beeple to create a series of hentai videos in which she gives birth to various th…

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