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May 7th, 2023

Things to be aware of when using generic Shamir’s Secret Sharing to store backups for private keys.…

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@justh0dl @super_testnet That was due to a single transaction that had the fee set incorrectly due to an overflow bug in bitcoinjs.

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@ChrisMartl I don’t know what you mean by “technological risk.”

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@LisVic13 That’s what it looks like. It’s extremely odd for high demand to occur on a Sunday. Mondays are…gM

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Here’s the culprit for the fees.
Bitcoin’s a shitcoin factory now.
Sorry Puritans, I don’t make the rules!

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@super_testnet Hm, wonder how I missed that back in the day. Must have been the holidays…

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A lot of transactions are paying thousands of satoshis per byte with their fee rates; it would be interesting to…On

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Block 788695 marks a historic moment in which transaction fees due to high demand for block space have exceeded…On

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@nic__carter Checks and balances are a good thing.

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lopp Hodling bitcoin is an extreme version of the marshmallow test that never ends.

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@fiatdebtspiral @danheld Every entrepreneur is a scammer, eh? That’s a new one!

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@fiatdebtspiral @danheld Casa has been venture funded since launch. Try again?

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“How Many Wrongs Make a Wright” is available in audio format, narrated by @TheGuySwann!

You can listen to the…vb

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@LambAndMartyr Nope, waste of my time. Feel free to follow @Arthur_van_Pelt’s work for more up to date analysis.

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@exiledsurfer @inthepixels What’s savage? That’s literally from my article.

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While I don’t care for memecoins myself, I’ll:

* Defend anyone’s right to meme and speculate
* Defend anyone’s…b4

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@yergenomics It gets murky.

Every coin relies upon narratives and memetics. But some do provide unique utility…XT

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@thequez Gotta give him props for stamina and making fools of courts in several jurisdictions.

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Your regular reminder that Craig Wright is a proven plagiarist, serial con artist, and all-around fraud.…

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I don’t like meme coins, Sam-I-Am
I truly do not give a damn
I do not like them with a dog
I do not like them…Hd

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@nic__carter Ser you’re quoting someone whose bio describes themselves as a walking contradiction.

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@GHOSTawyeeBOB Quality contribution to the conversation as always, Bob!

If you’re coming to Shitcoin 2023, be…88

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Retired Americans are quite worried their net worth will be halved like in 2008.

Folks should be asking how to…eo

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