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May 23rd, 2023

@BITPAINTCLUB @wiz @awayslice iperf3 -R -c YOUR_VPS_IP_ADDRESS -P 10 -t 60

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@matthew_d_green I’m pretty sure that people convinced themselves because it felt good to believe.

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The fella who executed a governance attack against Tornado Cash goes by the nym “Mr. Tornadosaurus Hex”

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If you’re tasked with investigating a ransomware incident at your company, it’s probably not a great idea to…Cc

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lopp You know you’re a Bitcoin OG if you’ve heard every flavor of FUD before and are now immune to it.

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@jimmysong I’ll send my recent keynote on the perils of premature protocol ossification once it’s published, then…3q

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@NordahThors I think that would involve us having to partner with other key custodians based in jurisdictions…lE

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@Exoduster_ @Ledger @CasaHODL @unchainedcom It’s extremely difficult if not impossible to provide multisig…bB

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@NordahThors @aantonop @CasaHODL Two main ways:

* Casa only holds 1 of 3 or 1 of 5 keys. Never enough to spend…op

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Russian crypto scambot operator says Twitter’s improved captchas have put a dent in his revenue, but it’s still…s7

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Bitcoin’s success isn’t inevitable.
No sirree.
Who’d love if we rest on our laurels?
The powers that be.

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I am fragile.
You are fragile.
We are anti-fragile.

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@jimmysong The one issue I have with anyone using the word “inevitable” when describing Bitcoin is that it could…hL

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Long-form thought pieces go into far greater detail than you’ll find via other mediums. Quality blog posts expand…Kn

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