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May 10th, 2023

RT @WalkerAmerica: “We’re the U.S. government (Remix)” by Brad Sherman

Opt out.

Learn about #Bitcoin

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@Trekkw2ks It’s pretty unlikely that any modern day slaves are reading my tweets.

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Imagine getting rugged by SBF.

Then, just when you think you’re gonna get half your money back…

…the IRS…Dw

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She looks about as healthy as our banking system.

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mperklin If you’re simultaneously claiming is permissionless, while also claiming “you shouldn’t use it that way”…B9

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lopp bitcoin veteran seen preparing for bear market

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@zachxbt @DannyCrypt Have you ever looked into these so-called influencers’ Twitter accounts?

I’ve never heard of…

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George Santos is the Craig Wright of Congress.

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@mikeinspace That’s funny, I didn’t know Luke’s pronouns were “they/them.”

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Hopefully this means you’ll finally be able to understand what they’re saying to you!…

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RT @buildingonbtc: The keynote lineup for #BTCBuilders2023 is here, including talks from @davidmarcus, @lopp, @danheld, @mariashen, and mo…

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@zackvoell $ bitcoin-cli testmempoolaccept <TX_HEX>

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@Les_F_Goh I draw the line at anything that looks remotely like inciting physical attacks.

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@gregzaj1 @piratebeachbum2 I don’t care about the criticism.

I care about the behavior and what it can lead to.

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@piratebeachbum2 I’ve had rifles literally pointed at me as a result of Twitter shenanigans. Thanks to a kid who…lA

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@RaynhamPatriot @nic__carter No one’ saying it’s representative of a large group. They are certainly fringe. But they do exist.

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16 men robbed Le Duc Nguyen, who had accepted the equivalent of 1,000 BTC in 2018 to invest on behalf of Ho Ngoc…G0

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@piratebeachbum2 I couldn’t care less about your criticism. I’ll happily ignore assholes all day long. I draw…WA

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@CristTreven Of course he thinks (or claims) he’s making a joke. But it’s in poor taste and there’s no guarantee ev…

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@CristTreven Are you suggesting that throwing fecal matter at folks is not considered assault?

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@nic__carter Keyboard warrior is desperate for engagement since he has to rebuild his account after getting the last one nuked.

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@piratebeachbum2 I’m not crying, I am directly challenging you to show us that you really believe what you say.…wb

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@GHOSTawyeeBOB I’m sure you do, and I’m also sure you haven’t the balls to do it yourself.

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@piratebeachbum2 You’re right, there’s nothing humorous about this level of vitriol. As expected, you’re a shit…NU

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It takes a big man to hide behind a screen, urging folks to commit assault.

Come to the conference and do your…Pa

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@BornFitness Any way to quantify loneliness?

For example, I’m a loner (IRL) but I never FEEL lonely because I…2F

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Nobody on nostr is complaining about transaction fees.

Lightning native Bitcoiners are living in the future, free of fee volatility.


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If you’re ever feeling down, remember that you’re lucky to be living in an age in which you don’t have to spend…Ec

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@callebtc Unfortunately, discourse has degraded to the point that a loud contingent is operating upon emotion and dogma rather than logic.

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@CoinDesk @zhusu @CryptoHayes @iamsandali You fuck around with people’s money, you deserve to find out.

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