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May 25th, 2023

BVBTC Pro tip: Follow more artists on your various social media feeds. Your doom scrolling will get interrupted by some beauty every now and then.

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@PeterMcCormack @SpencerKSchiff Nonono, seeing @PeterSchiff shill BSV would be *chef’s kiss*

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BitMEXResearch Lightning Payments – When Are They Too Small To Secure?

When making low value payments on the lightning network,…FsaC

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Recent research has shown:

* 73% of America’s food supply is ultra processed.
* 66% of calories consumed by…Y2

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lopp We can code harder and faster than the state can regulate.

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RT @K4KCrypto: “Here’s the history of the U.S banking system” -@CaitlinLong_ @lopp

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@c_hashreview There’s not much point any more. Since removing my verification, Twitter has stopped acting on my impersonation reports.

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@77g0qF6g Yeah it got worse after Twitter removed my verification. They ignore imposter reports now.

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Beware of authoritarians in Bitcoiner’s clothing.

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“Riding the Lightning” is a review of the many operational and engineering challenges faced by the Casa team…BD

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