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May 11th, 2023

@tqlemd @Peacockg @Spartanze4o I expect we’ll see a ton of research in the coming years that analyzes a variety of second order effects.

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@RainIsWetter @forkinggizmo No doubt, it exposed the fragility of our healthcare system.

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lopp If your financial advisor hasn’t recommended a small allocation of your portfolio to bitcoin by now, it’s time to…tr

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ZeroSync_ Excited to share a summary of our research on introducing validity proofs to

We discuss our…uW

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Congratulations to the 99.913% of you who survived the COVID-19 crisis! We can all breathe a sigh of relief now…Qu

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If you believe that Twitter DMs are encrypted now, you probably also believe that Teslas can drive themselves.

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@Inchhighprivate @ODELL @CasaHODL It was literally written by a group of current and former Casa engineers.

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Infighting need not be destructive to a group. If addressed appropriately, it can be healthy.

Self-criticism is…fY

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@Ordi_Moon Use your gigameg block shitcoin if you want cheap block space.

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J9Roem ✨Hey!✨ Having trouble keeping up with news related to privacy? I write a monthly newsletter to do just…tp

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There’s more than one prominent Bitcoiner who refuses to attend conferences due to the antics of a few deranged…Ka

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GM. While node mempools are still quite full, we can observe that contention for block space has dropped…DX

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In “DeFi for Defiance” I present problems with how many DeFi dapps are architected and offer suggestions for how…6o

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