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March 7th, 2014

@HiFiLoRau @TriangleBIZJrnl @AmerUnderground @HQRaleigh Dude, you didn’t tell me you were the Prince of Bitcoin! :-P

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HiFiLoRau Doh. This happened. @TriangleBIZJrnl: A chat with ’s ‘Prince of Bitcoin:’… @AmerUnderground @HQRaleigh

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@pmarca There will never be enough to sate the creativity of engineers.

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aantonop The fundraising address for Dorian, contains the word “Dorian” and is signed by my PGP key. NO OTHER ADDRESSES.

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If Dorian Nakamoto had been incorrectly doxxed as the mysterious creator of Dogecoin, he’d already be a multi-dogeillionaire from donations.

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@mikestable Indeed, the technical complexity of Bitcoin is just exposing the weaknesses in the world of journalism.

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@mikestable It’s interesting to see the interaction of this leaderless community w/the media orgs. I agree w/@pmarca…

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@mikestable Based upon the messages and phone calls that I receive when FUD comes out, it appears that non-bitcoiners are paying attention.

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@mikestable *shrugs* my interpretation is that bitcoiners are tired of media FUD. Unfortunately, more people believe media over tech crowd.

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@mikestable What’s the conspiracy? All I see is a journalist wanting to make a name for herself and not doing due diligence.

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@genophilia @CathyReisenwitz LOL, that’s rich. You think supporting free market competition is anti-white?

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I won’t be watching The Walking Dead this Sunday; nothing can trump @neiltyson & @SethMacFarlane’s reboot of Cosmos.…

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After all the journalists’ proclamations of Bitcoin dying, I dare say it is time for Bitcoin to declare the death of journalism.

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pmarca In general: There is a growing CP Snow-style divide between people who trust math/science/tech and people who trust people/institutions.

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