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March 19th, 2014

Facebook’s Security Director leaves for @coinbase, stating “I’ve decided that crypto currency is worth protecting.”

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@barrysilbert @WSJ @mikejcasey @paulvigna Good luck, Barry! @winklevoss and @tylerwinklevoss have a habit of winning races…

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barrysilbert News is out: SecondMarket seeks to open bitcoin fund as early as fourth quarter. via @WSJ @mikejcasey @paulvigna

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emilepetrone Today we launched the new Tindie! MOAR awesomeness is on the way!

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I donned my robe and DevOps hat for my latest @CoinChomp post: “Bitcoin Nodes: How Many is Enough?”

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@Magnus919 @TriangleDevOps DevOps for distributed open source software projects

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“Intrinsic value” is a fallacy. All value is subjective and relative to one’s situation / perspective.

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@_JasonCooper @flyosity @AInsights Nope, I’ve only ever heard of Bleacher Report automating content for sports articles.

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@flyosity Think the journalists are quaking in their boots?

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@oleganza Welcome to the free market - it can be a confusing place :-)

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The U.K. has unveiled a new 12-sided pound coin that is being hailed as the most secure coin in the world. *snicker*

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@mikestable Is the NSA tapping our water supply? lulz

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“To reduce confusion between Bitcoin-the-network and Bitcoin-the-software we renamed the reference client to Bitcoin Core.” @gavinandresen

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RT @gavinandresen: Bitcoin Core version 0.9.0 is finished! Download binaries from — report bugs to…

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The most successful Bitcoin companies will be those that shift our need to trust the company (and its security practices) onto the protocol.

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