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March 17th, 2014

oleganza Idea of a useful altcoin

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Two blocks diverged in a digital chain,
and sorry I could not follow both,
I chose the longer chain.
And that has made all the difference.

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How do we apply principles to decentralized open source software? Anyone have any resources about this subject?

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I’ve been busy researching for my next blog post, pushing the boundaries of insight that anyone has into the Bitcoin network mesh.

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@jgarzik Artifically low supply due to monopoly status?

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HA! “I have learned this about the fanatical Bitcoiners: they will see this all in a different light once they reach puberty.â@truth_eaterater

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@Mircea_Popescu *mind blown* care to expound upon that statement?

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@matthew_d_green @Newsweek and @truth_eater are free to claim whatever they want. It doesn’t make it true.

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If I were a Bitcoin Baron, I’d be building dedicated DevOps and QA teams to support the core developers. /cc @Mircea_Popescu

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tuurdemeester Dogecoin stats: $48M market cap (0.6% of BTC), 18,380 daily transactions (26% of BTC), 71k reddit subscribers, 167k twitter followers.

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I don’t think I’ve ever come across a URL that looked like it was having an identity crisis… until now:

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Dorian Nakamoto dropped his ISP in 2013 due to financial distress. Sounds like he can use the 45 BTC we’ve raised.

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@BitBets @Mircea_Popescu So you’re saying that I can make some easy money by betting that Bitcoin will be volatile…

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RT @jonmatonis: Zerocoin: Zero Knowledge for Infinite Anonymity via @CoinChomp and @lopp

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