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March 26th, 2014

pmarca 8/That critique can be either right or wrong, and vigorous debate follows. And that’s how a lot of technological progress is made.

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pmarca 7/When techies critique tech, it’s more: “This new tech is interesting, but it’s missing properties X, Y, and Z to be used in that way.”

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.@pmarca’s 90 second cryptocurrency pitch.…

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@jessevanek I would be content paying my current amount of taxes if I had freedom to choose how it was distributed throughout public sector.

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@pmarca Do you have any plans to support development of Bitcoin Core?

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@LittleShibe This will surely occur to an extent, but crypto is a global phenomenon. Govt can only affect exchanges under their jurisdiction

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@LittleShibe That’s the best part - crypto continues to function the same, regardless of external ‘rules’ applied by govt.

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The more legitimacy cryptocurrency gains, the more appealing it looks to corporations and the financial industry.

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The more regulations that governments impose upon cryptocurrency, the more legitimacy they give it.

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The music used in the “You wouldn’t download a car” anti-piracy advertisement you’ve seen on many DVDs… is pirated.…

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matthew_d_green My Zerocash co-author Eli Ben-Sasson gave this talk on our work in progress:…

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