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June 4th, 2015

ofnumbers Had a chance 2 meet w/ 2 bright gurus: @lopp (w/ @BitGo & and @lightcoin (writer @okTurtles)

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“Satoshi’s anonymity allowed Bitcoin to be a blank slate, enabling people to experiment with a variety of applications.” - @nathanielpopper

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“If Marti Malmi had found a job in the summer of 2011, Bitcoin may not have survived.” - @nathanielpopper @pnpbitcoin

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“For the first few years of its existence, Satoshi was desperate to get anyone interested in Bitcoin.” - @nathanielpopper @pnpbitcoin

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@mdotfallon Every broadcast tx has a real (socialized) cost of bandwidth, CPU cycles, and disk space. I estimate > 6MB of disk & bandwidth.

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Because txs may be used to secure the value of a contract or off-chain property, may some day see microtxs with huge fees as blocks fill up.

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When analyzing microtxs on block chains, they shouldn’t be taken at face value. A tx sending a fraction of a cent could be worth $1M.

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