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June 21st, 2015

@jaweedkaleem @ioerror If hypocritical Christians can’t call themselves Christian, we’re not going to have many Christians left.

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@torkelo Do you have any recommendation for Grafana back end selection between Graphite / InfluxDB / OpenTSDB?

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@danlowe @Magnus919 @knucklesandwich @dawleywood Do you back up the whisper DBs from Graphite? Is there a best practice for doing so?

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So long, @sourceforge - the Bitcoin Development mailing list is now hosted by @linuxfoundation…

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roasbeef A simpler construction for multi-hop full-duplex payment channels than the LN:…. Needs BIPs: 68+65, Segregated Witness

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Fuel pumps and charging stations are ideal use cases for implementing Bitcoin payment channels. /cc @elonmusk

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