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June 18th, 2015

RT @jgarzik: The #Bitcoin Startup that Helps Muslims Get Loans Without Breaking Islamic Law

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@muneeb Financial applications are probably clearer to the people who have capital to venture. Banks are still trying to figure it out.

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@socrates1024 Thanks; stay tuned for new metrics and features! FYI, 1 BTC bounty offered for dockerization:

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@pierre_rochard We could use a better source to track tools. AFAIK bitcoin.stackexchange & dev section of bitcointalk are best resources…

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@pierre_rochard When I search for bitcoin related tools I tend to find a smattering of random githubs, most of which are long abandoned…

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Seems to me that contentious hard fork debates have similarities to nuclear cold war, such as Mutually Assured Destruction & brinksmanship.

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If you try to connect to bitcoind with a strictly validating JSON-RPC 2.0 client, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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@DavidShares @matthew_d_green @jonmatonis … but they could be mined with stolen hardware or electricity!!!11one

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