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June 13th, 2015

@pierre_rochard I agree; a decent wiki edit should include an explanation as to why it is discouraged.

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@pierre_rochard Only thing I can figure is that maybe it’s a Heartbleed reference.

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RT @pierre_rochard: “JSON-RPC over SSL is strongly discouraged”

Interested in hearing the reasoning behind this.

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@kandemir Hey, is this your Grafana code? Can you rebase and submit a pull request? Lots of us want pie charts :-)

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New Statoshi metrics:
Orphan Txs
Tx Inputs, Outputs, Value, SigOps, Size, Priority
Block Size, # TX, SigOps
Peer IPV

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@kristovatlas I thought that the terms & conditions of the crowdsale made it quite clear that it was a donation rather than investment.

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