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February 9th, 2017

Predicted 20 years ago in The Sovereign Individual: nation states will compete for citizens (revenue) via taxes.…

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@MashuriBC @CharlieShrem @Excellion True for CONOP, though remains to be seen for tx cost. Successful LN could raise tx cost.

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@CharlieShrem @Excellion @MashuriBC Rock, meet hard place: what’s the use of low CONOP if transaction cost overtakes CONOP?

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“Blockchains don’t guarantee truth; they just preserve truth and lies from later alteration, allowing one to later securely analyze them…”

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In which @NickSzabo4 explains how public permissionless blockchains enable humans to overcome Dunbar’s number.…

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NickSzabo4 New blog post! Social scalability: how Bitcoin enables people anywhere to use a more secure currency.…

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The Great People’s Bank Wall of China can only hold back the mongrel horde of bitcoiners below $1,000 for so long.

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@BenTriptek I’m not an expert on the SEC but it seems to me that they care about a million factors other than the actual exchange rate.

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Silver lining regarding Chinese Bitcoin exchanges disabling withdrawals: makes it easier for miners to process the transaction backlog. 😬

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