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February 19th, 2017

@Dave_Parrish Quite. A lot of code was reorganized for this release.

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RT @iang_fc: N Reasons why Searching Electronic Devices makes Everyone Unsafe.

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@martindale This was trickier than usual due to the breakup of main.cpp, which was where most of Statoshi’s unique code lies.

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@martindale I only roll straight up master branch w/Statoshi - not sure it will be of much help.

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Spent the entire afternoon merging 1,000+ commits from Bitcoin Core 0.14 downstream into Statoshi. 😔 Good luck to other fork maintainers!

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@kyletorpey There was nearly 50% for 8MB blocks though IIRC there wasn’t a real implementation behind it.

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@TuurDemeester @BitGo No clue, but I only really deal with paying enterprise customers. Individuals have to go through general support.

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Satoshi told @halfin that he was the only reason the Bitcoin network kept running during its first days.…

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“The Internet is a brutal, rough and tumble place.” - Satoshi Nakamoto

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