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February 23rd, 2017

@stanmarion Possibly, though their effect seems to weaken each time.

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lopp 1) BTC bull returns
2) /r/bitcoin turns into price posts (YOU ARE HERE)
3) MSM picks up story
4) ignorant speculators buy in
5) sell off

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@jimmysong Right, I suspect there will be a large incentive to keep channels open and remain “inside” Lightning Networks.

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Bitcoin Lightning Network + Zcash Lightning network + atomic cross chain swaps = fully fungible “free” micropayments?

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@eric_lombrozo One option would be for you to look at darknet market forums. Shows frustration of bitcoin newbies.

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@AlpacaSW Would require collusion since good fee estimate algorithms ignore txns that only appear in blocks w/o being broadcast.

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@BlockCoreCancer @ryanxcharles Wow. It’s sad that you created an account just to spread vitriol. Please don’t waste our time with it.

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I’m calling it now - this week has been a “fee event” in which recommended fee rates have risen 40% - 50%…

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@BitcoinQueue Time to increase your granularity for fees > 100 satoshis / byte.

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30% of Bitcoin Unlimited nodes are pruned, but if a BU node has an AD > prune (MB) / avg block size, a reorg that long would break the node.

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