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February 28th, 2017

@OnTheBlockChain Signaling is saying “follow me, take it or leave it” whereas voting is “join our gang to force our will upon others.”

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Dogma: “Doing X is an attack on Bitcoin!”
Discourse: “I disagree with doing X because my vision for Bitcoin is Y.”

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@eric_lombrozo Author is complaining about broad claims that gloss over details.…

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The dogma built up by various schools of thought in Bitcoin has led quite a few people to start confusing opinions with facts.

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@deadalnix Surely you agree that the magnitude of the malleability problem is a matter of perspective.

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@deadalnix So you’re fine with opt-in tx malleability fix, you’re just complaining that some people glossed over the details. Mmmmmk.

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Compare and contrast two very different approaches to evaluating Bitcoin protocol changes.

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TheBlueMatt On Bitcoin’s Diversity of Use-Cases and its trustless properties, and what this means for changes to it…

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@NTmoney Bitcoin is terrible for traditional innovation; permissionless innovation is much more challenging. Hopefully that will change.

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Excited to host Dr. Alessandra Scafuro, TumbleBit researcher, next Tuesday at @TriangleBitcoin!…

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