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May 6th, 2017

Was excited to see many new faces at a local Bitcoin meetup today, but then they promised to double my bitcoins…wD

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Payment channel-based networks are coming to Bitcoin. Miners only get to decide if developers do it the easy way or the hard way.

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@codeCrypto Depends on the fee estimate algorithm. It won’t screw up Core’s.

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khannib @lopp @BitFuryGroup It’s more an inefficient use of Bitcoin than a spam attack, see…

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.@BitFuryGroup 3) Possible reason: fee payments are being made off-chain, thus making it impossible for…Y7

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2) The only way to say if a txn is “spam” is if it pays an appropriate fee. 25 sat/b isn’t competitive, so why is @BitFuryGroup mining them?

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1) Folks are saying this address is generating “spam” txns. It is creating 25 satoshi/byte txns that get confirmed.…

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@orweinberger *shrugs* seems like a waste trying to determine. Either txns pay appropriate fees or don’t. Looks…li

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