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May 31st, 2017

@Melt_Dem @BraytonKey If a banker looked at my checking account they’d think I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

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Are we witnessing the crypto-economy pulling itself up by its own bootstraps?

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@alex $GBTC is @GrayscaleInvest’s OTC product for the @BitcoinTrust; only (easy) way to get BTC exposure inside retirement accounts.

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@josephjpeters @CharlieShrem Assuming the PoS fork doesn’t result in another chain split, thus doubling the supply again 🙃

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The @AttentionToken ICO sold out in ~30s but investors haven’t gotten the memo & are still sending to the contract.

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Could ICOs leverage @civickey’s ICO tokens in order to more fairly distribute ICO tokens at rates capped per uniquely identified investor? 🤔

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@jebus911 BAT was pre-FOMO’d via custom smart contracts, from what I hear…

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Idea: “beer goggles” plugins for crypto wallets. ICO will be for tokens to vote for the next wallet to support. A la

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naval Good tokens coordinate distributed actors to provide and allocate scarce network resources. The rest are just equity by another name.

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@theinstagibbs Sure they can but I suspect they don’t immediately liquidate everything. Wouldn’t we see significant price drops post-ICOs?

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$GBTC currently sitting at ~125% premium over BTC - pretty sure that’s an all time high premium. Doubtful this will…

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How much money has been invested in ICOs? It it sufficient that it could be greatly reducing circulation of ETH, further driving up price?

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ICO FOMO shows:
1. If nothing else, Ethereum is a successful fundraising platform.
2. The crypto-rich are desperate to ride the next bubble.

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Raising $35M in 24 seconds is 🔥, but we can’t know the size of the ICO bubble unless folks remove these safety caps!

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Indeed; even Ethereum users experience hours-long backlogs if the network becomes very popular.

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