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May 7th, 2017

Bitcoin is coopetition.

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@adam3us Should be interesting to compare to the poll I ran in late 2015; I posted results on…

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Folks who use Bitcoin to protect their financial sovereignty will probably fight harder for that use case than those using it for retail txs

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maxkeiser Guess who I’m about to interview?

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Ubiquitous surveillance will continue to be marketed as a convenience. Easy to accept when true cost is hidden.…

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@VinnyLingham You don’t think Bitcoin miners see it as a clear signal/opportunity to easily increase their wealth & revenue?

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@VinnyLingham Coins that have activated SegWit have increased in price significantly more than Bitcoin…

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Since Feb, BTC fee rates ⬆️ from ~90 to ~180 sat/byte & exchange rate ⬆️ 50%. Effective fee rate ⬆️ 200%. Miner…Ye

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