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June 3rd, 2017

@AlxCoventry @kryptokidz_ Feel free to compare to gold / M2 supply / etc - result is the same.

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@KonradSGraf LOL @ them quoting this tweet as if it’s an argument against SegWit.…

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Bitcoin dominance is down, you say?
False: Bitcoin dominance is up (to 0.14% of global M1 money supply)

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@CryptAxe Very similar cars though the Elise has more power (especially over 6,000 RPM) and superior handling.

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Truthcoin @mikeinspace @jimmysong @kyletorpey @DanielKrawisz FYI everyone — you can buy into the now by purchasing Bitcoin!!!

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There is no attribute of Bitcoin that is guaranteed to never change. There is no authority to make a guarantee. Likelihood of change OTOH…

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@Kosmatos Yeah, we have decent beaches and mountains. I’m more of a mountain guy.

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@ARKblockchain @motionerror I believe the term came into use in 2014. I know I started using it then……2l

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Nice try, Google. Not gonna make this any easier for you than it already is.

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muneeb Blockchains have a $80B market cap and < 1000 engineers have committed code to a working blockchain.

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@joonian No, that would have been a terrible idea - BTC has gone up over 10X since I bought it :-)

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Great day to take the Bitmobile out for a spin with my fellow Lotus owners!

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