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June 16th, 2017

@ryanxcharles False. Everyone tells each other to go fuck themselves and the status quo remains.

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@juscamarena @cgminer1 Currently testing full validation on my 2017 MB Pro. 10 hours so far, at block 2.6M.

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Can’t wait to get past the current scaling deadlock so that we can finally begin The Great Block Weight Debate.

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Just received 3 duplicate spammy messages via @21 but hey, for $5 per click I’ll click all day…

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@wuehler @lucas_lclc @infura_io Running a test with Parity now on my 2017 MacBook Pro. 2 hours in & I’m at block 2.…

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@Excellion OK - “SegWit now, maybe SegWit2X later” seems to be the carefully worded measure of support.

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@Excellion “We consider SegWit as technologically mature and feasible” means it’s not mature?

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Attention all @litecoin wallets & exchanges: get your act together and start correctly validating M-prefixed P2SH addresses for sending.

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@wuehler @lucas_lclc @infura_io You should run your own test and comment on their post. I was struck by the Ethereu…

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To run a fully validating Ethereum node:
Geth, Parity, Eth: more than 2 weeks to sync.
EthereumJ or PyEthApp: nope.

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@mikeinspace @Satoshi_N_ Account did exist; it was deleted and then someone else registered it.

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@Satoshi_N_ Why not link to the actual tweet? I can’t find such a tweet…

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