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June 6th, 2017

@VictorSimmons64 Don’t invest in anything you don’t understand, thus my epic list of Bitcoin resources:

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RT @TuurDemeester: Bitcoin, an implementation of bit gold, has been scaling just like @NickSzabo4 foresaw in 2008: millions of off-chain tr…

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@nlal21 I have no idea about short term price movements - common advice is to cost average in over a long period of time.

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“$30B / year is spent shipping empty containers around the world due to inefficiencies in supply chain management tech.” - Meeta Vouk, IBM

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It was an honor to appear on the @KeiserReport to talk about Bitcoin scaling and the bull market!

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@badslinky @ChrisPacia What if there is sufficient demand that expects future utility due to the protocol /not/ changing? 🤔

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@brianchoffman At least they distributed them geographically across different AWS regions. 🤣

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If you’re going to rail against my tweets, at least get my name right! Easy to remember: 2 p’s as in “pistol pistol”

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Those who defer to miners as arbiters of truth fail to realize financial systems w/ federated authorities aren’t new

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@owocki @Kosmatos @maxkeiser That’s certainly preferable and hopefully some day we’ll get there, though don’t hold…

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@AnonOnAMoose @rogerkver Exactly. Nobody can force users to accept their proposed changes to Bitcoin. Simultaneousl…

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@drakefjustin @naval I calculated +0.42% daily - the miracle of compound “interest” is in effect!

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@AnonOnAMoose @rogerkver There are systems that attempt to implement democracy into the blockchain itself, but Bitc…

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@GreyWyvern @rogerkver Which is great. As such, seems to me that this, just like hashrate-based methods, is better…

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@ChrisPacia Which “laws” of economics? Keynesian or Austrian?

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@rogerkver As a Voluntaryist, don’t you reject the tyranny of the majority that the act of voting inherently legitimizes?

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@loomdart @coin_artist Depends upon what you consider utility 😉

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@ChrisPacia I suspect you’re in the minority. I think this type of mindset better fits that of Ethereum and other more agile projects.

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@fernandoulrich @bendavenport Are you saying M0 is a better comparison? If so, are M0 stats available? I don’t see them on the CIA’s site.

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@alexrockwell It’s a very different technology and community; hardly even worth trying to compare to Bitcoin. It sh…

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@Kosmatos @maxkeiser Probably a good idea; I doubt that this particular transaction needed to be conducted on a cen…

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@ziggamon Sure, though we’ve seen a year-long bull run during a period of “stagnation” and “contentiousness” so there’s that…

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@alexrockwell It’s a very interesting system with plenty of pros and cons. I personally have not particularly enjoy…

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Many Bitcoin users wish to change the protocol to increase utility and value. Yet we have proof that it need not change to increase value…

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In past week the total value of all bitcoins has surpassed the M1 money supply of:

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RyanRadloff The community will figure out how 2 scale our network far before the BOJ figures out how to solve a 250% debt/GDP ratio @jonmatonis

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@misterdna @maxkeiser @KeiserReport I’m just trying to change people’s thinking from still using dollars as the unit of account 😀

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@AP3XFLOW It’s not linear due to the miracle of compound “interest.” 0.42% of tomorrow’s value is > 0.42% of today’s value.

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@maxkeiser @KeiserReport 0 - only Satoshi (maybe) has a million BTC. You may have minted many Bitcoin Barons, though… 😉

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Wishful thinking: if 7 year trend of +0.42% per day continues then 1 BTC will be valued at over $250,000 in 2020.

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@frederikro @alistairmilne @eric_lombrozo Eh? The whole point of BIP91 is that it simultaneously signals both bits.

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