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June 13th, 2017

@HOLMES_m4 @Satoshi_N_ Sounds like you could benefit from reading this:

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“The Flippening” actually happened many months ago, when /r/btc became more vitriolic than /r/buttcoin.

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@brian_trollz @mecampbellsoup Different wallets have different fee estimate algorithms.

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@brianchoffman Eh? It never matters who makes a proposal - the idea must stand upon its own merit.

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@justicemate “Can” often needs an asterisk next to it with the addendum of “if everyone agrees to deploy X and we w…

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The secret to happiness is to find something you consider more important than yourself and dedicate your life to working on it.

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@theonevortex I split them up for a reason I’ll explain later 😃

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@nvk But does validating transactions matter if you aren’t sending or receiving any? 🤔

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