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November 4th, 2017

“Bitcoin’s value comes from the inherent failures, limitations, and inconveniences of fiat money.” - @bobbyclee @ScalingBitcoin

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“In China, Bitcoin is not about payments and spending. It’s about investing and speculative trading.” - @bobbyclee @ScalingBitcoin

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@PleaseFollowMe The harsh words of experience, having seen far too many people get in over their heads only to lose it all.

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@MisterHayel And they’re more likely to lose it, ending up worse off than before.

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You can buy small fractions of a bitcoin, but if you didn’t know that before reading this then you shouldn’t because you aren’t ready yet.

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By my count you’d have 16,663,661 BTC and $4.…

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@3ducat3d @PeterRizun Indeed, multithreading a single threaded operation is often an easy way to get a significant speedup.

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“I’m going to make @kanzure’s fingers fall off while trying to transcribe what I’m saying.” - @roasbeef @ScalingBitcoin

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“16 OP codes were removed from Bitcoin’s scripting language early on due to vulnerabilities they created.” - @johnsonlau01 @ScalingBitcoin

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Few folks fathom the value of trustlessness b/c they don’t spend time thinking about all the entities they trust and how it could be abused.

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@MaxGraham @tdryja @ScalingBitcoin To be fair, many financial products are just gambling. Insurance is a common example.

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“Smart contracts are just conditional payments, which is a fancy way of saying gambling.” - @tdryja @ScalingBitcoin

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“Complexity of creating atomic swaps between Bitcoin forks drops immensely when txn malleability is fixed.” - @Ethan_Heilman @ScalingBitcoin

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@morcosa It’ll be interesting to see what actually happens to tx volume on the network. Can’t actually stop folks…RH

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“Current Bitcoin node software has a bottleneck for accepting txns into mempool due to being single threaded.” - @PeterRizun

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@jgarzik I’m pretty sure Red Hat isn’t a consensus network. Or even a network. Even if it were, Adam isn’t the…UA

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I made a clone of global M1 stats that updates in realtime w/Bitcoin’s market cap. H/T @accerqueira for code…ES

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@twobitidiot Maybe we should just wait a few months and skip to a 10000 / 1 split.

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“CoinJoin + Signature Aggregation = improved privacy, smaller txn sizes, lower on-chain fees for users.” - @real_or_random

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“Mixing protocols can’t simultaneously guarantee anonymity of participants, termination, & fixed messages.” @real_or_random

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“Private payment channel networks make it easy to add exotic crypto ops by keeping them off-chain (outside consensus.)” - @secparam

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“It’s impossible to build a non-blocking payment channel network that also provides perfect privacy.” - @pedrorechez

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If everyone stops arguing about Bitcoin it means that they no longer care and thus Bitcoin is dead. Prepare for perpetual quarreling.

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aantonop “Money is a social construct and that’s why you should run a bitcoin full-node” by @AudunGulbrands1…

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