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November 7th, 2017

@C1aranMurray @virtuallylaw It wasn’t computationally expensive because it wasn’t reversed via mining but rather…Be

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@C1aranMurray @virtuallylaw Miners exist to order transactions and to make it computationally expensive to…VD

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@FelixWeis @wtogami Should be possible to spend, but it’s non-standard so you’d have to send directly to a miner……ro

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You don’t need a blockchain if you’re singing Kumbaya. Bitcoin is the currency of enemies.…

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At least they ate their own dog food. Respect.…

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lopp Cyber security is a nightmare.
Crypto asset security is a 10X nightmare.
Smart contract security is a 100X nightmare.

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@pmccall777 Holding as a store of value /is/ using it.

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