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November 8th, 2017

@joaodealmeida94 @BitGo Don’t think we’re doing sponsorships though remote work is possible if you’re experienced enough.

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@onewayfunction @BitGo We have a number of remote software engineers.

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The number of open positions at @BitGo is hitting all-time highs; message me if any sound like a good fit!

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Over 50% of transactions sent via @BitGo in the past week have spent SegWit inputs. The rest of y’all have got some catching up to do.

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@melonenkopp What is the acceptable cost of node operation? That’s the fundamental question.…

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@nopara73 Might be able to classify that under the pseudo-anon part.

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@EsqNolte That’s one way to look at it, though technological progress will decrease the cost of node operation…f8

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SegWit2X has been called off. Let us proceed together apace!…

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@AriDavidPaul It will indeed, though I wouldn’t make changes today based upon assumptions about the future. We need better CONOP modeling.

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@pig_poetry @pmccall777 Preferably protocols layered on top of Bitcoin 😁

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Beware of studies showing Bitcoin’s “max on-chain transaction throughput” that conveniently overlook its effect…4f

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“The ontological sociology of cryptocurrency: a theoretical exploration of Bitcoin.” Lengthy read but thorough…Yv

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Professor @camharvey’s cryptofinance class at @DukeFuqua continues to expand to meet demand. At this rate half…Pu

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