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November 6th, 2017

Weapons are technology.
Technology is information.
Information yearns to be free.
/cc @DefDist

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@DFS_DrBurd It’s a saying (for holding) that refers to this historical post…

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There are countless ways to screw up and lose your BTC. These are the early days with few guardrails - it’s safest to HODL on tight.

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@KarateMc4w350m3 Because some of them are creating support tickets and we’re checking their wallets to see.

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Pour one out for all the Bcash users who are sending their coins into SegWit black hole addresses on the wrong…is

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danrobinson TL;DR: Bitcoin HODLers can afford to use a slower chain for way longer than miners can afford to mine a cheaper coin…

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@jeffbutts You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

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If you argue in favor of banning firearms then you’re bringing words to a gunfight.

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@AriannaSimpson I hope you aren’t limiting your dating pool to bitcoin bulls 🙃

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@laurashin We’re well past words at this point. Follow the money, measure the conviction.

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The NYA’s just a precursor for the future when real tech giants participate in Bitcoin, which is a precursor for nation state participation.

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Given that nations claim to own the airwaves, @NickSzabo4 & @eiaine gave the most subversive @ScalingBitcoin talk. 😎…

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