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November 27th, 2017

@Y3llowb1ackbird Haha, in my experience crypto assets and personal finance forums are like oil and water.

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@brianchoffman I’ve thought about paying of my mortgage but the math just doesn’t work out. Better to keep the capital in crypto.

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Don’t underestimate the power of exponential trends. Bitcoin could crash 50% right now and it would be a 2 month se…

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The moment you proclaim “Bitcoin is defined by metric X” you have become an authoritarian and are automatically wro…

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@IAmReidiculous By route around I simply mean stop using them, not some sort of automated switching algorithm.

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@IAmReidiculous If ISPs try to screw with Bitcoin network data propagation then we’ll route around them. It’s prefe…

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You can try to trap Bitcoin inside of a governance model you devise, but it will slip through your fingers and the…

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