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November 26th, 2017

@OptionCrew I’ve generally had the best experience with @GeminiDotCom

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RT @TraceMayer: Ok @jimmysong. New article: The Great Bitcoin Bull Market Of 2017. Please eviscerate the arguments & assertions! 🚀 @aantono…

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@ErikVoorhees @elonmusk I seem to recall that Elon has chased after and received quite a bit of money that was extorted from citizens.

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@LitecoinPR It takes a lot of engineering work to add support for new crypto assets; it’s not clear when or if we will support BTG.

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@six42am BTFD = Buy The Fucking Dip
STFT = Sell The Fucking Top
HODL = hold (do nothing)

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It’s easy to BTFD because there’s a very clear floor of 0. It’s pretty hard to STFT because there’s no clear ceilin…

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@Ask_Lou Can anything be stopped by governments? How’s that War on Drugs/Terror/Poverty/etc going?

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It’s easy to HODL when your assets are increasing in value. During the inevitable correction only the BODL will see…

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There will be bumps along the way, but the disbelief shall remain palpable.

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@TheLandonBarks Maybe, as it is a major psychological milestone. Seems like we’re overdue for a correction, but bitcoin often surprises us.

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@perrymetzger @prestonjbyrne Sounds like it’s time to adjust your perspective to match reality rather than expectin…

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Why has the #bitcoin exchange rate been zooming in 2017? Demand is increasing faster than ever. H/T @alistairmilne…

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JimBTC are you happy now?

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$500 Billion to go in order to break into the top 10.

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