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June 16th, 2021

If you receive key management hardware in the mail that you weren’t expecting, don’t plug it into ANYTHING.

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BleepinComputer Scammers mail fake Ledger devices to steal your cryptocurrency - @LawrenceAbrams…

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💎🙌 > 💩🙌

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CasaHODL Bitcoin is forever—even when it’s lost!

So how do you secure it as generational wealth for your family?


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TIP_Network This week, @PrestonPysh sits down with @Nneuman and they talk about security and self custody. They also…pX

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If only there was some sort of censorship resistant option that makes BitPay obsolete……

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5) Overly conservative / slowly adjusting fee estimate algorithm
6) Naive wallet with hard coded static fees

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Q: Why are some folks paying 10X the txn fee required to get confirmed in the next block?

A: Could be:
1. A…GG

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