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June 18th, 2021

@BaldBitcoin It could be a mistake.

It could be someone just in a rush.

Or it could be a hack; hackers don’t…X7

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@masonic_tweets Overpaying by about 100X for consolidation if you ask me.

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Someone just dumped 4 blocks worth of high fee transactions into the mempool. Very low number of transactions…EV

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LND node operators should take note that in order to make use of anchor output channels (which are safer in…l9

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@IntelTechniques Magic Earth works well on GrapheneOS for navigation

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On one hand, seeking lightning liquidity flows in order to serve demand and capture fees is quite challenging.…sC

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When it comes to mission critical systems in which a single failure can be catastrophic, a slower pace of advancement is ultimately faster.

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@NeerajKA You’re alright in my book, Neeraj. Your eyes may be weak, but your tongue is sharp.

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The latest lnd release includes a “cluster mode” which is a huge step forward for folks who want to run…As

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