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June 30th, 2021

usecriptobr Bitcoin não tem:
líder carismático
fundação financiada
token de governança
cronograma de aquisição

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@jasonffl drat, I should have taken the ruler out

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Bitcoin has…
no charismatic leader
no funded foundation
no governance token
no vesting schedule
no steering…P8

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Few things are as satisfying as routing around gatekeepers.

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You can’t bomb your way to peace.
You can’t vote your way to freedom.
You can’t spend your way to surplus.
You can’…EB

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bitrefill Pt 1. Jameson Lopp @lopp CTO of @CasaHODL on El Salvador, Crime & crypto, and getting swatted - To the Moon ep.…d9

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In 2 days the Bitcoin network will automatically retarget a new mining difficulty just like it has hundreds of…FP

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